What are the new trends of the SSC CGL mathematics questions according to the 2018 Mains?

CGL 17 Mains Math was a surprise. Even highest scorers of previous attempts were puzzled this time.

But, i think this change is not against the candidates. See, if we breakup the entire paper. Some 10 to 15 questions were absolutely out of the box. There was no clue like from which book they were asked and how to prepare such questions in future. We had never read questions like inserting prizm into cube and then cutting them into pieces and finding their volume and area. So, this type of questions were difficult for everyone.

Now, come to the easiest part of the paper. There is no doubt that paper had some 30 to 40 questions which could still be solved within 30sec if one had full command over previous year questions. Though they were not so much straight, they were easy enough for a serious CGL candidate.

Now, remaining 50 questions. This was a change and this was the decisive part this year. Those who had sound hold on basics, they could try these questions. They were out of the range of coaching style tricks. They were also time taking. But, they were not rubbish questions. If we go in more detailed breakup, trigonometry section brought some 11th std. concepts which were not so much difficult either. They were straight 11th std. formulae. Algebra was still more or less trick based. Arithmetic questions were some time taking but they were also based on basics. Mensuration had also some formulae based questions.

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