What are the dark truths about SSC CGL?

Story 1
One of my friends was in relationship with a girl since college days. The couple was madly in love and it was obvious when they approached higher authority (parents) for approval. Girl’s family was a bit conservative and orthodox. My friend was in a private job earning 11 LPA (around 72k in hand) but girl’s father was a bit skeptical. He wanted a government employee for his daughter. My friend being madly in love asked his future sasur (father in law) to wait for some time till he gets a government job. It was April 2017 when he started preparing for SSC CGL. He realised early that it wasn’t going to be as simple as it looked initially, so to give his best possible attempt he resigned from his job. He studied like a man possessed and scored close to 490 till tier 2 despite having just 140-142 in tier 1. Fast forward to September 2018, he is still empty handed. Girl is getting married in November to a government employee (chosen by her father) despite much protest from both the girl and my friend. My friend tried to explain to her father that 490 is a great score and a decent job is almost certain but her father didn’t want to wait any longer as her daughter had touched 25 years of age. Add to it the turmoil in SSC that has been covered in full detail on news channels. Her father was convinced that he isn’t going to start earning till atleast june 2019 (in best to best case scenario).
My friend is fighting depression now at the loss of his career and more importantly his “true” love. I request you to not judge the girl. I had seen her fighting with her family for him.
Story 2
Another friend of mine prepared single mindedly for SSC CGL 2017. He was selected in Indian navy through CDS entry but he didn’t join as he wanted to live a stable life with his family. He was super confident of clearing SSC CGL 2017 even before tier 1. He had no inclinations towards inspector posts in CGL as he wanted a stable non transferable job. He had scored close to 500 till tier 2 and was well on course to get CSS (his desired post). Meanwhile he got selected in Intelligence beauro (IB) and got his joining letter. Now IB offers a life somewhat similar to army and that’s why he is slightly reluctant to join. If he does join IB and CGL is cancelled later, he will certainly not have enough time to prepare again. If he doesn’t join then he may have to spend atleast one more year without any earnings. He is in great dilemma now thanks to SSC.
My intention of writing these stories was to explain how people’s life are being played with. You may argue that problems I explained above are self created but still those guys have scored really well. They took the risk but had put their heart and soul to prove their decision right. The problems they are facing are not because of their laziness or lack of dedication but because of factors beyond their control.

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