How diffficult is it to crack IBPS PO exam?

1. Bank exams are very tough and there are many candidates preparing for years to get it. So you can’t get it in first attempt?

Ans: This opinion is blunder. I’ve seen many of the candidates, having planned preparation & performance, getting it in first attempt itself. I planned clearly and cleared it in first attempt itself.

2. The time in the exam is very limited that it is very tough for a normal candidate to clear it?

Ans: This is half true and half wrong. The time in the exam is limited but a normal candidate can also clear it! What the candidate can do is to reach the nominal cut off marks, nobody is asking 100% marks right!

3. Bank exams need many months/years preparation?

Ans: This is completely wrong. The candidates who are from mathematics background and have some general awareness sense can clear these exams without any preparation. For other candidates, weak in mathematics/general awareness, a not give up preparation of 2 months is more than enough. I prepared for 3 months because I had no idea about these exams before, spending much of the time to become familiar with these exams. I spent only 1 month for subject preparation.

4. Performing in exam is important than preparation?

Ans: This is absolutely true. It doesn’t matter how long you prepared. At the end of the day, it is only that how you perform in the exam! This is not only applicable for bank exams but for all exams!

5. Year by year, the competition in bank exams is growing and so is the cut off marks?

Ans: Yes, this is accepted fact. But we need not fear anything because though the competition has been growing year by year, the number of candidates writing the exam seriously are more or less the same. And the increase in cut off marks is also not tremendous. Many of the candidates write these exams because they don’t have any job or just for time pass. But the one who writes it seriously to get it will get it. And if you are a serious candidate, you need to fear nothing!

6. Nowadays, the number of vacancies in banks are many but may decrease after 5 years?

Ans: Yes, it is correct. Today, the largest recruitment sector in India is the banking sector that in no other government sector these many vacancies are available. This is due to;

1. Many of the people in banks are about to retire. Their service is about to end.

2. For the sake of yet more profits, banks need to expand, resulting in new vacancies.

But it is predicted that the number of vacancies may decrease after 5 years or so as all the vacancies will be filled up. Hence I say Hurry Up!

7. The work load in bank jobs is very much high and it is a risky job?

Ans: This is partially true. The work in banks involves some sort of risk as it deals with money but the work load is not as stressful as other jobs. In fact, in bank jobs you work only in your working hours and in rest of the time you have no responsibility but in many other jobs the work is connected to you (one way or the other) even after work hours and in holidays. Bank jobs (PSUs) involve no personal targets too as some other jobs do!

8. The English section in the exam is very difficult to clear by a normal candidate?

Ans: The difficulty of English depends on which bank exam you are writing. But what I know is many of the candidates are unable to clear the English section though they get good score in all other sections and good overall score. But it is very important for us to clear all sections so as to qualify the exam. Hence, it is necessary to improve our English language skills so as to get at least cut off marks in English section.

9. Even if a candidate clears the exam, it is difficult for a weak in English candidate to clear the group discussion/interview, so for a weak in English candidate it is a waste of time trying bank jobs?

Ans: This is a very common opinion many of the people have. But this is proven to be wrong. Note that the group discussion/interview is not to test your English ability as it is already tested in English section of the exam itself. It is to test your personality, attitude, how you react to the situations, how you express yourself and whether you are suitable for the bank job or not. They don’t care about your English but rather your trying to say answer, decisions, reactions and emotions. Because of this, it is not an exaggeration that many of the interview panels in IBPS asked the questions in local languages itself! I also know many candidates who are not good in English cleared the group discussion/interview and finally got selected. Though being good in English is an advantage, it is not the only reason to be selected in group discussion or interview. Hence don’t bother much about group discussion/interview, just prepare for the exam, improve your English and all other speaking/expressing skills in parallel.

10. The candidate who has good academic background can only clear the bank exams and the others can not?

Ans: This is a normal opinion arisen from the dissatisfaction of not having good academic background. But it is seen to be wrong in reality. Having good academic background helps us in a way that it gives us confidence to write any type of exam but it has no other role in clearing the exam. Indeed, many people clearing the bank exams have an average academic track. And the banks too want only such people because they need people who stay in their bank till the retirement and they knew that a candidate who is so intelligent will leave the bank and join some other better job after getting. Hence, dear friend, don’t worry if your track record is not so significant, you still got your turn. Your chance awaits you! Try Out! Work Out! See Yourself Out There!

11. The candidate who tried and failed two three times in bank exam should stop now because he/she won’t get it?

Ans: This is completely wrong opinion. The success can be at any stage but the most important thing is consistency of working out. He/She might not performed well in the exam due to many reasons, but it doesn’t mean that he/she won’t get in future too. I strongly believe that they get it one day because they have the capability to correct themselves in future!

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