How did your life change after clearing the SSC CGL?

Our result was scheduled to be declared on 4th august, later postponed to 5th. I was strolling in my balcony around 11:45 on 4th in the night. Thinking the same dialogue of GHAZNI movie, that Aamir khan was writing in his diary on 31st night, the night before he was about to propose Asin, “subah ki kiran na jaane kaunsa sandesh layegi … rim jhim si gungunayegi ya pyas adhoori reh jayegi, ab toh bas uljhan hai saath mere, neend kahan aayegi .”

But the moment I saw my name in the list, i was numb. I recalled my each and every moment of struggle, that I will be writing below. There have been considerable changes in my life. But I never get swayed by the changes in surroundings, as I very well know how people change according to their need.

1.) PARENTS:- Whatever we used to discuss anything before my selection, I could easily notice the worry and tension on their face. Now things have sorted out. I can feel their happiness. Whenever my father takes me to all his senior bank managers, who are currently at Scale-4, my father is at Scale-1, the moment I speak Central Secretariat, they congratulate me and describe each and every aspect of the job profile. One said, “Bahut mast jagah hai Secretariat, jaldi join karaiye, promotion bahut fast hai, contact bahut strong rahega”. My father is very pleased with the reactions that I get whenever his senior bank managers praise me. And these are the only people whose reactions matters to me.

2.) FRIENDS:- There were certain time when I went under serious financial crisis. I asked help from many of my friends. Some helped me, some denied. After my selection, all of them come to me. I maintain contact with all of them. Once a friend of mine rang me in 2016 after 3 long years. I was happy that some one is remembering me, but he asked me how much his train fare will be returned and cut the call after that. Just a talk of 5 minutes, nothing was asked as to what I was doing and all. Now after my selection, he too came to meet me after 2 years, and asked me to visit his house. I could clearly see how friendship changes after results. Many of my friends use to laugh as to why I am wasting my time in an exam which will be taken by cheating-mafias. While I am set to join, they are still filling the forms, but they do respect me now, and ask me not to forget them.

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